ViViCall Phone

Windows 64 bit version

Introduction :

No matter how far distance, ViVICall can let us closer. Just register a ViViCall account, you can contact everyone with every corner of the world. Concise style of interface, and smooth clear voice effect, make you feeling each other just around the corner.


Pay Direct: Can directly dial around the world with affordable price of mobile phones and landline.  

Conference Call: Creat a chat room, let you invite contacts to a conversation  

Contact: Instant search all your friends, convenient query and make calls. 

Call Hitstory: Show call history


Instruction :

1、Double-click after software installation is successful, popup authentication windows, input “Identifier” and “Password”.

The “Identifier” and “Password”, respectively ViViCall official web site registered account and password.

Correct account number format: Country Code + phone number, Example: 85235512888.

2、Dialing Method:

country code  +(area code) + phone number  

Example: 85235512888 


Note: dialing format of dial local and international call are the same. the 0 infront of the area code need to be removed, and it can be omitted when no area code. 

3、Add a contact, save ID or Number in the unified format: 

country code +(area code)+phone number , 

Example: 85235512888 


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