ViViCall Phone

The ViViCall Phone is a worldwide mobile application. ViViCall Phone supports FreeCall, VoIPCall and CallBack. It is the most convenient and affordable way to contact friends and family around the world from your mobile device.

Three major functions:

1. FreeCall

You can call any online members over WiFi or 3G/4G in the worldwide. Enjoy the free of Calling, ViViCall definitely will be your first choice.

2. VoIPCall

You can call any landlines or mobiles anywhere in the world at ViViCall's lower tariffs. It just takes a small amount of bandwidth.

With the stable and reliable voice quality, ViViCall is a good helper of your communication.


Because you are called to your phone over the traditional phone networks and then connected with the party you dialed, this can also help if you're in an area with no Wi-Fi and/or poor internet quality.

CallBack also can use with GPRS network and takes less than 1KB for connecting.

  Improve the Contacts function, sync contacts list, shows and instant connect online friends.



  • Free calls between ViViCall users. 
  • Low cost.
  • Balance display .
  • Direct dial from the contact list.
  • Function with Hold, Mute, and Speaker
  • Take a small amount of bandwidth
  • High quality of voice, high rate of connection

Dialing method:

To make a call, enter the number by Keypad and press the “Call” button, or select a number from the “Contacts” list directly.

Dail method: country code + area code + number,  eg: 17181234567

Remark:Please remove the “0”of area code.If the area code is unnecessary, dial the number directly.


  • Android 2.2+
  • IOS 8.0+