OEM Service

1. ViViCall Phone

ViViCall is one kind of the best network communication products, you can get through the worldwide with ViViCall and enjoy your high-quality conversation at low cost.

OEM Service of ViViCall Phone:

According to your requirements, you will have a brand new communications software (including a various version of mobile and computer), such as "XXX Telecom Co., Ltd" which is operated by yourself. ViViCall will mainly provide you technical support and business guidance.

Customizable Contents: software, management system, rate system, a full set of the operational system. According to the depth of cooperation, ViViCall will be able to provide you professional classic services.

OEM Partners :

Individuals or groups who have internet phone agent experience, e-commerce experience, website operation experience, internet marketing experience, and are familiar with the Internet.

Cooperation Advantages:

1. Development Interfaces and Service Platforms

Providing full open technical service interface, you can completely access to our telephone system and platform! If you wished to release a separate software, we could also provide you with free OEM software services.

2. Self-owned Brand, Self-promotion

You have self-own brand, customer service system! We will always behind you for providing the clearest call service, 7X24 hours of operation and maintenance support.

3. Self-determination Pricing, Higher Income

Do you want a higher profit? Or you don't want to make money just want to create greater service value for your users? All can come true! Because no matter the call price or the promotional policies, you can adjust at any time.

4. Zero Cost

After starting the service, SMS costs, trial costs, IDC and server costs are all borne by us! You do not need to bear any service costs and operational risks.

5. High Profit

Except handling charge, route cost and other basic costs, you can gain 80%-95% remaining income dividend, and you can check and withdraw every income at any time.

2. Callback Card

Callback card, a kind of preferential top-up card faces to all countries and regions around the world, can be used to make a cheap international call wherever you are. It's simple, convenient and cheap, broadly welcomed by a great number of customers.

The OEM cooperation mode is now open for the convenience of savings for more companies and individual users!

Cooperation Content:

We will provide you applicative callback cards in your region with a customized brand. You shall have full exclusivity, technical support, and sales guidance.

Customized contents: callback cards, management system, rate system, a full set of the operating system.

Saving huge operating costs and long development cycle, you will have a mature self-owned brand product to gain business opportunities as quickly as possible.

Cooperation Advantages:

1. Occupy market quickly, user groups widely.

2. No use restrictions can be used in any country and region.

3. Ultra-low fees!

4. Exclusive brand!

5. Higher profits.

3. Voice gateway

The voice gateway is used to connect the phone of the enterprises or individual users', it can connect your home or office telephone, fax, PBX with internet device, which is it can connect the PSTN (public switched telephone network) with IP network to achieve voice calls through the Internet network.

The OEM cooperation mode is now open for the convenience of savings for more companies and individual users!

Cooperation Content:

By providing integrated Voice Gateway OEM solutions, the consummation post-sale service and technique support, and integrated operating management system, we will help you build a self-owned brand Voice Gateway system.

Customizable Contents: a full set of operating system, voice gateway solutions, rate system, management platform.

Cooperation Advantages:

1. Independent brand, independent pricing;

2. A variety of products and programs practical combination;

3. Providing 7x24 hours technical support;

4. A variety of ways to gain profit, higher profits;

5. Hardware and software support;

6. Advanced management platform, quick and efficient.